The only herbal that has a probable clear name is the 65r herbal

otaim dam alam

If it’s cannabis, what  are the possible names for cannabis?

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Img.189 Chanvre male. – Canabs ma[s]culus. – Cannabis sativa L. Chanvre (grappes de fleurs femelles). – L’emploi a contresens des mots <<chanvre male et chanvre femelle>>, habituel chez les anciens botanistes, a ete constate encore de nos jours dans tout le bassin du Rhone par M. le Dr Saint-Lager (Recherches historiques sur les mots <<plantes males et plantes femelles>>, p. 19. Paris, 1884).

078, 79 [T] Cavalarchas romana eupatorium cannabium?? (ALC09 Canalaritas romana)

Cannabis sativa on f16r ?


regarding this post:…l#pid13927
…. I was thinking that 65r is cannabis. What do you think 65r is?

Second question: I am also looking for a list, or trying to create a list of cannabis synonyms/alternative names. Do have such already?
The reason I don’t think 65r is cannabis is because cannabis flower heads don’t branch (they are tight clusters) and the flowers are not separate as they are on 65r. They are usually on a single spike and there are usually small green leaflets interspersed in the flower head. Also, I’m pretty sure that the illustrator means for the 65r leaves to be palmate (or close to palmate), whereas cannabis leaves are digitate (like stars).

I think there are a few possibilities for 65r, it’s a fairly common shape for a plant, and sprays of white star-like flowers are also not uncommon. Some of the saxifrages look like this and there are a couple of species of Filipendula that have palmate or short lengths of odd pinnate leaves that grow up the stalk. There is also one species of Pimpinella and one species of Oenanthe that are quite close to this plant. Note the roots of 65r, they look very much like the Filipendulas and a few of the Saxifrages and not at all like Cannabis.