Baran Bo Odar


The first German Netflix serie ever, DARK, was created by Baran bo Odar and his partner (woman) Jantje Friese. See wiki

We can read in this 2011 interview how he got his name:

The interview goes like this:

But is Baran Bo Odar a Swiss name?

Bo Odar: Not at all. I was born in Switzerland but my parents moved to Germany when I was two. Also, both my mother and father are not German or Swiss. My mother’s side is Turkish and my father’s side is more from Russia. “Baran” is, I think, almost a Jewish name, but again neither of my parents are Jewish. “Bo” is just a nickname and Odar is an invented name. My grandfather, who was a doctor, had to flee the Russian revolution because he was in the White Army and not the Red Army. When he had to flee, he lost his whole family. He faked an ID, and chose the name Odar because it means “doctor” in some other language. “

[ ‘odar’ appears +/- 140 times in the Voynich manuscript. ]

Aha, odar is invented, but it means doctor?

In what language he does not mention, so I used these engines:
doctor in all languages1, in all languages_physician. in the dictionary

Closest word I found was in Italian: accom odar e.