moss from skull

There is a nice herbal from Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus, 1588, which lists plant names in many different languages. “Neu vollkomentlich kreuterbuch mit schonen und kunstlichen figuren aller Gewachs der Baumen/ Stauden und Krautern”.

You can find the full description here.

I’ve picked this page from the book:

Where is described “Barlapp” (Bärlapp) , Moss von tooten Kopff, Gürtel, S.Johannes Gürtel, Neunheyl, Teuffelsklauwe.

You can create the Barlapp moss by “laying a dead-head for a long time in a damp place, on which a moss will grow”.

You can make a powder of the green moss and use it to stop something bleeding or just use it with wine to rinse the teeth.  The moss is from the category “cold and dry”.