Cistercian cipher

Reading parts of the book of David. A.King, with examples of the encryption methods from the 13-th century, (The Ciphers of the Monks:~ A forgotten number notation of the Middle Ages), it led to the idea that the VMS letters could probably be such a cipher.

cisterian example

The VMS letters are transcribed to symbols, called elements. After doing so we got 8 elements.

These are the elements:  _ C \ ) > | $ /

element replacement table


dna as 8 elements the replacementtable


This dna tells in a simplified way, that every word written is started by an element ‘c’ and sometimes by element ‘/’.

Then that is always followed by writing a straight line ‘_’ and sometimes ‘)’.
And so on. The “normal” full text Dna, does show exaclty which letters that are.

Of course it all depends on the primal definition of the letters into elements, but if done consistent, this provides the image that shows there is  NO Cistercian or similar cipher used.

If that was used, each letter would have been build from the same basis building elements. Then, for example each letter would have a repeating basis .  For example:  _| would then occur in every letter.  Or at least 1 repeating base should be present in the analysis. Here that does not occur and therefore the same principle is not possible.