Biblia pauperum

Look at the bottom right paragraph.

Huh, are there already indians in this script?

Is this a book critic on ‘de Septem’, being  De Septem Secundeis ?

Johannes Trithemius wrote De Septem Secundeis in 1508 De Septem Secundeis (“Seven Secondary Causes”).

“De numero Septem. >De septem< . Septem aras erexit Balaam numeri xxiii.

Septem lotionibus mundatur Neaman per Melchisedech

Septem sancta Felicitas peperit filios.

Liste von 41 siebenzahligen Sachverhalten.”


Balaam is furtuneteller in the Book of Numbers, part of the Hebrew bible.

The number seven. > The seven <.

seven altars Balaam set up number 23

Seven ablutions cleansed Neaman by a priest Melchisedech

holy Felicity gave birth to seven children.

List of 41 sevennumbered casestories.


It is very difficult to read on 155v:

index iniuste …

est helmandus.


This MS description is:


For your information, the MS is believed to be written

Pope Pius II (LatinPius PP. IIItalianPio II), born Enea Silvio Bartolomeo Piccolomini (Latin Aeneas Silvius Bartholomeus; 18 October 1405 – 14 August 1464) was the head of the Catholic Church from 19 August 1458 to his death in 1464.

Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Or are they talking about ‘indians’ being the people of India?