f82r names of women and amulet

Folio 82r show a lot of text but also on the bottom these women:

f82r_detail_vrouwen (1)

The thing in hand of woman on f82r  is a Freyja amulet probablyThe picture below is found in a grave in Sweden, and is a  Freyja amulet which probably hangs on a cord  as a medaillon.

silver amulet of the Norse goddess Freyja

Gabriel Hildebrand SHMM :  link:  http://mis.historiska.se/mis/sok/fid.asp?fid=107873
A Viking period silver amulet of the Norse goddess Freyja found in Aska in Hagebyhöga parish, Aska hundred, Vadstena municipality, Östergötland, Sweden.


But it could be anything, even the logo or “Arms of Sir Thomas Hoo, 1st Baron Hoo and Hastings, KG”.  As can be seen on 



On that page the logo or “arms” is displayed with the text: Honi soit qui mal y pense

more on that text here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honi_soit_qui_mal_y_pense


The womens on f82r on the bottom left are then possibly  Freyja and or Fulla ?

If a star represents a godess, then they are not, because they have no star attached.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulla

But it could mean that the other woman and their names are displayed here in the godess of deities: Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Germanic_deities

* Another resemblance was found some months later when i researched the Alemannic language (old German). I found this picture of a grave of a woman.

Have a look at the picture 3:  Grällili un Ohrering as Biigab.

You see a copper ring that was used as necklace or as earring (Ohrering) from around 7th century.


The text displays: (EVA translation)

flow? – waterflow? River? left:  1 H darol
flow? – waterflow? River? right:  2 H daryry

on top: from left to right nymph:
Top row of nymph labels,  nymph with object behind her back:  3 H okar

nymph with raised arms, at top of “water slide”: 4 H okal
nymph: 5 H okoldy
nymph, hand in tube: 6 H okairady

Bottom row of nymph labels
small nymph: 7 H sororl
nymph, one arm raised:  8 H olko ky

two nymphs, one very small: 9 H sokoly
nymph, chest deep: 10 H dolol
nymph, chest deep: 11 H olaiin
nymph, chest deep: 12 H okeeor

What she is holding could be also something else. More on that later, first i have to note on which page, which woman is holding what and then i complete it here on this page.

update 17.2.2016

A probable explanation at this point is that she is holding a special or magical item. In the line of the book it could be a simple ‘zodiac bracelet or symbolic item’.Such as this from  https://www.loc.gov/resource/amed.200149120/?sp=83

zodiac bracelet

Ancient Irish Gorget for the neck: of gold, reddish in colour, and very pure: weighs 16⅓ oz. Now in the National Museum, Dublin.


Irish bracelet or armlet of solid gold, now in the National Museum, Dublin. It is double the size of the picture, of beautiful shape and workmanship, and weighs 3¾ oz.

Ancient Irish bracelet for the wrist. This is of bronze; but many Irish bracelets were of gold, like that shown at page 100.



Celtic torq

Torque à tampons en bronze, trouvé à Somme-Suippe dans la Marne, fin du 4ème siècle – JC. Musée Saint-Remi à Reims.

More torcs.

..not to be mistaken for a Manilla.


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