Bowen Knot

The bowen knotSevärd.svg is not really a knot, but more an endless rope. Named after James Bowen.

It has a lot of features of the VMS script: it has curly corners such as many of the VMS letters (P, F) for example:

The Bowen knot must have existed before William Shakespeare (1564 1616) manufactured his variant on this ‘knot’:

When used as a symbol (⌘), an ordinary Bowen knot is known as Saint John’s Arms.

The Command key (⌘), also historically known as the Apple key,  pretzel key, or meta key, is used on Apple Keyboards as symbol of ‘command’.

This symbol is called valknute in Scandinavia.
In swedisch: Sevärd, translation: worth seeing (..?)

From this the Three interlocking traingles symbol is derived probably.


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