57v middle dot and dots in leaves theta

If you browse through the pages, you will notice there are not only leaves with dots, but also flowers with dots. Also mentioned here on https://www.voynich.ninja/thread-1237.html

If you consider the inner symbol in 57v, you will see that it also has a dot. It could be the symbol for sun,   but it could also be the symbol for the Greek theta. Symbol for sun (and life).
Copernicus, 1473-1543 used the symbol in his cosmological images in De Revolutionibus.
It could mean that the dots are showing theta on the plants.
Following this reasoning, you could decide to look up the philosophical meaning of theta as it is one of the chapters in Aristotle’s Metaphysica, which talks about potentiality as  “a principle of change in another thing or in the thing itself qua other”.
Further search will to a later date (1907) will show it is associated with élan vital as a source of life.
According to some writings, of later period than the VMS, it was believed by some that this essence (élan vital) could be harvested and embedded into an inanimate substance and activated with electricity, perhaps taking literally another of Bergson’s metaphorical descriptions, the “current of life”.
élan vital: According to the philosophy of Henri Bergson (1859-1941), a creative life force present in all living things. In French, élan means forward thrust or impulse; motion inspired by strong or intense feeling. Vital means of life.
What or whom formed the basis of this philosophical theory in historical perspective is unknown to me, but this is an interesting angle.
The following is a stretch, but I mention it anyway:

Such a movement also occurred in India, where we see in the Sanskrit Mewad Ramayana manuscript  1650 interesting patterns in the text.  The author leaves a gap in the shape of a diamond in the centre of the folio, often decorated with a red outline to form a cross, which marks the place for a hole in a palm-leaf manuscript.

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