Central Rosette: converging or diverging

sept 2017.

Let us examine the 4 bundles that go to, or emerge from, the central rosette-shape.  If we can tell if the bundles go out, or come in, we gained a better perspective of the page. These are the 4 bundles on the rosette page:


In physics the term converging is used when a beam of light passing through the lens converges to a focus behind the lens. That is called a positive of converging lens.
Diverging is the term to describe a beam of light passing through the lens is diverged (spread). The lens is called negative or diverging lens.  See wikipedia.

The big difference between the two is that the beam widens when it diverges and contracts when it converges.

If the central rosette the origin from which everything is fed? Or is the central rosette a focal point when all other rosette shapes focus their “matter”?

Looking closely at the rosette-bundles it seems very clear that these bundles all widen. Therefore the bundles are diverging. If they diverge, the origin lies in the center. This would mean that the origin is the central rosette shape; the other four circular shapes originate from the central rosette shape.

But let us consider some other pictures from the manuscript and see if other bursts or beams diverging “things” are there.

We see from page 149 (f86v3) an example of water or air flowing from the top down: a diverging matter (with a bird):

The direction of movement of the bird is downwards, not upwards. Also the stream shows ends in a dotted pattern. Thirdly, the physical direction of the drawing is from right top to to left bottom. Those three pointers make us decide as viewer that the stream is going down and not up.


The bading ladies on page f84v  seem very happy with the ,probably, water coming out of the “acorn” on top of the page:

Although this matter seems to converge, it is more probable that the water (or matter) is falling down and not diverging up into the acorn.


On the page f83v these bolbs seem to spray something by the aid of the women:

Again the matter comes out on the bottom: the ripples are an indication that the direction is downwards. On the left we see round stuff coming out and on the right these are more detailed dots that flee away.


Which brings us to the the different patterns on the central Rosette-bundles, which are the following:

octopus pattern

three slashes pattern

three stripe pattern

fish bone pattern


A natural way to show the direction of “matter” for us, would be to add arrow head. Much the same as in the pictures above when explaining converging and diverging. It shows the direction of flow immediately when we look at the bottom pattern, that look like a “fish bone pattern”. The direction is pointed away from the center.  The left striped pattern, three slashes pattern,  also gives the direction: away from the center pointed outwards. The other two patterns: the octopus pattern and the three stripes pattern do not indicate direction on itself.

Finally there is one strong conclusion: the central rosette is the origin for the connected four circular shapes and the flow starts in the center and moves away from it.